Mr. DF House – Kupang

The client wants to have a house which is comfortable and long lasting to live in. Since the project is located in hot area nearby the sea, providing thermal comfort is a must. Therefore, shading is provided to protect from harsh sun. Green walls and lush greenery are also applied to the house and surrounding to reduce heat dissipated into the house. Green walls also give unique accent to the building facade.

Another mainpoint for exterior are the removable perforated brown panels placed at most of the windows and
balconies parameter. When desired, they can be closed to provide more shading and privacy of the enclosed space. Swimming Pool and Koi ponds are placed to provide view point in everycorner and also to reduce temperature of surrounding area.

By combining all of these design points, we hope to achieve maximum thermal comfort in this hot area, while also incorporating good design in to the building.

Project Location : Kupang, NTT.
Total GFA            : 930 sqm
Site Area              : 1165 sqm
Building Type     : Residential

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