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Mr. DW House building exterior

Mr. DW House – Kupang

Mr. DW House building exterior

The client wants a house that can be enjoyed with their parents and family, and warm is the proper word to describe the client concept.  Therefore this house designed in white with a shade of light brown. The light brown color obtained from using material of granite and wood. This color combination create warm and elegant ambience. Wide roof eaves and natural ventilation are applied to provide shades from tropical sunlight.

The interior is also designed to reflect the whole concept by using warm color, materials, and lighting. Thus providing comfortable space to enjoy time with their parent and family.

Mr. DW House interior

Project Location : Kupang, NTT.
Total GFA            : 465 sqm
Site Area              : 600 sqm
Building Type     : Residential

Pixel Garden Apartment building exterior

Pixel Garden Apartment – Jakarta

Pixel Garden Apartment building exterior

The need to provide affordable and comfortable living in city area is increasing. Therefore the design try to solve this problem, by providing units of residential by stil allowing public space for them to gather and enjoy the landscape.

Sit in an area of 45000 square meters, this development will provide more than 5000 apartment units in a city area. Standing to 34 storeys height, its 7 towers designed to be slim in shapes. Facing north and south make it gain better thermal comfort for its residents.

Communal open space is important in human daily life, to allow them having social physical contact. Therefore large portion of ground floor area was designed to be public space. It is consisted of commercial area, thematic garden, and vast green lush landscape. By providing this, people will be less stressed and have a better living quality.

Pixel Garden Apartment garden landscape Pixel Garden Apartment garden landscape

Project Location : North Jakarta
Total GFA            : 45000 sqm
Site Area              : 20000 sqm
Building Type     : Residential

Pakem Residence building exterior

Pakem Residence – Yogyakarta

To have a dwelling place in a scenic area is one of joy in life. Therefore this town house is targeting those who have these dream. Being located in a high area with cold weather makes it favorable to live or simply as a retreat. To distinct from the others, its shape is taken from the shape of mountain view that can be seen from backyard. Creating shed roof skyline harmonious with the mountain at the background.

Project Location : Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Total GFA            : 465 sqm
Site Area              : 875 sqm
Building Type     : Residential

Mr LJ House building exterior

Mr. LJ House – Jakarta

As a koi hobbyist, koi will be always in mind of the owner. That is also happen with this client who is a koi dealer. He wants a koi pond that can be enjoyed from his house.
Therefore the house designed to be 3 storeys height, to provide more area on the ground to make large koi pond. A viewing deck also provided on second storey, to enjoying his koi-s from above. Simple form used to made the building blend into vegetation around it. Green wall also placed as one of building focal point.

Project Location : West Jakarta, Jakarta.
Total GFA            : 268 sqm
Site Area              : 450 sqm
Building Type     : Residential

Mr. DF House Kupang building exterior

Mr. DF House – Kupang

The client wants to have a house which is comfortable and long lasting to live in. Since the project is located in hot area nearby the sea, providing thermal comfort is a must. Therefore, shading is provided to protect from harsh sun. Green walls and lush greenery are also applied to the house and surrounding to reduce heat dissipated into the house. Green walls also give unique accent to the building facade.

Another mainpoint for exterior are the removable perforated brown panels placed at most of the windows and
balconies parameter. When desired, they can be closed to provide more shading and privacy of the enclosed space. Swimming Pool and Koi ponds are placed to provide view point in everycorner and also to reduce temperature of surrounding area.

By combining all of these design points, we hope to achieve maximum thermal comfort in this hot area, while also incorporating good design in to the building.

Project Location : Kupang, NTT.
Total GFA            : 930 sqm
Site Area              : 1165 sqm
Building Type     : Residential